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Paintings Now Available In Prints

We are really excited to announce that some of Jim's newest paintings can now be ordered in limited editions with prints size: 36x60. Now you can enjoy Jim Stella art in your office, place of work or favorite room without having to dedicate an entire wall for it. Please contact us to inquire on how to order one of the prints, or browse through the collection on the homepage.

Below are paintings from the new series: The Forensic Calendars (Piecing Together the Crimes of Time)


  • 36"x60"
  • On Mixed Media: Arches paper
  • Available In Limited Editions



Southfield Public Art Commission

Jim Stella was elected in February of 2015 to serve on the City of Southfield Public Art Commission. The committee acquires art for the city to be displayed in public spaces. The most recent purchase of the commission was the art pieces and sculptures from Northland Mall, which were being sold due to the mall's closing. The most prominent piece was Marshall Frederics, Boy on a Bear, seen in the picture at left. The total collection was purchased for $500k. Jim currently serves as the treasurer and is proud to assist the city of Southfield in this exciting new role.


Jim Stella at Art Prize Sept 19th to Sept 29th

I've been producing and collecting art from a young age. In fact, I bought my first sculpture on a $5/month installment plan!

I have a formal art education but consider myself kind of an outsider. I've worked in sculpture, bronze casting, watercolor and mosaic.

Since the mid 1990s I've been concentrating my style and exhibiting large format oil paintings.The representations in my paintings are culled from everyday life and relationships.

I like the large format because my thoughts flow in a lot of different directions and fast. The size is designed to take up your field of view, yet contain small elements your mind can follow.

This year, I am proud to be in ArtPrize, with my entry: All The Heads In My Head. So come to Grand Rapids between Sept 19th to Sept 29th, enjoy the art and cast your vote.


Teen becomes fashion designer with MTV's help

When you're being interviewed about your big TV break, you usually dont pause to make yourself a glass of chocolate milk.

But Dylan Wood, 15, is thirsty from swimming, and as he stirs the syrup, his mom, Deborah Wood, 45, describes his experience starring on an episode of "Made," the MTV show about helping young people achieve a dream.

The judges were Detroit fashion designer Sarah Lurtz, Bloomfield Hills, Mich., artist Jim Stella and Austin Scarlett, a standout contestant from the first season of Bravos Project Runway." To Read More Click here.



Now Available In Prints