Jim Stella at Art Prize Sept 19th to Sept 29th

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I've been producing and collecting art from a young age. In fact, I bought my first sculpture on a $5/month installment plan!

I have a formal art education but consider myself kind of an outsider. I've worked in sculpture, bronze casting, watercolor and mosaic.

Since the mid 1990s I've been concentrating my style and exhibiting large format oil paintings.The representations in my paintings are culled from everyday life and relationships.

I like the large format because my thoughts flow in a lot of different directions and fast. The size is designed to take up your field of view, yet contain small elements your mind can follow.

This year, I am proud to be in ArtPrize, with my entry: All The Heads In My Head. So come to Grand Rapids between Sept 19th to Sept 29th, enjoy the art and cast your vote.